What’s the scoop on Central Dehumidifier’s?

Chances are you have a Central Air Conditioning system installed or are planning on having a system installed in the future.

While an AC does remove some humidity (only as a byproduct of the cooling process), it is designed to control the temperature of your home. It is NOT a dehumidifier.

In the Spring and Fall when it is cool outside your AC is typically not running. It can however, feel damp inside the house. While running a dehumidifier in the basement will make it feel more comfortable, it is only drawing the moisture from that 1 room. A Central Dehumidifier removes the damp air from ALL the rooms in your home and replaces it with dry air.

This process not only makes you feel warmer, it improves the IAQ (indoor air quality). Too much humidity has the potential to cause mildew, mold and health related problems.

Central Humidifiers can run in conjunction with your AC or independently.

As with any HVAC product, there are many different models and sizes to choose from. To be sure you get what you need for your home and your needs, consult with a licensed, professional HVAC installer.

Humidity levels differ from floor to floor

Sound Ratings and Sound Blankets

Every Air Conditioner has an SRN…sound rating number. The SRN is a way of comparing and measuring sound levels of AC units. The amount of noise an AC makes has no bearing on how efficient the unit is, however it may affect your personal comfort level.

Sound rating numbers range from 6.8 (quietest) to 13 (loudest). Most air conditioners operate at 7 to 9 bels. A unit operating at 9 bels is actually 10 times louder than an AC operating at 8 bels. Not much of a difference number wise, but a big difference in sound levels.

If a quieter AC is what you are aiming for, there are several ways to accomplish that. Sound barrier walls, moving the unit or even replacing it. The most cost efficient solution is to use a sound blanket. Some models come with a built in sound blanket…not to say you can’t add another one. Again, it all comes down to personal comfort levels.

The blanket goes around the compressor to help dull the sound.Manufacturer’s guarantee a decrease of 5dB in sound levels…thats about a 40% reduction!! A sound blanket has no ill effect on the operation or efficiency of the unit. The compressor is cooled by the refrigerant so there is no worry of overheating.

Keep in mind as well, where the AC is going to be installed at your home. Good placement and the use of a sound blanket will keep you and your neighbours comfortable!