New In 2009, we started offering Rental water heater programs!

Yet another way for you to save money while getting the best service.

Free of charge we will replace your existing gas water heater with a brand new Energy Star Gas Water Heater.

Of course our monthly fees are lower then competition but on top of that, you get a Brand New ENERGY STAR Water Heater with installation! all at no extra costs!

Save hundreds of dollars on your natural gas bills and pay a smaller monthly fee!

Why pay inflated prices for the same product if it has the same warranty (or less in many cases) installed by unscreened sub-contractors ? 

Know that your getting all the best when you use our services!

How much will my monthly payments be?
There are only a few factors to consider, for example you may want to upgrade to a larger tank or downgrade to a less efficient one, most gas water heater tanks range in the $11/mth to $12/mth range, we have hot water tanks in all categories including up to $32/mth.
Price in the animation is based on an Conventional Energy Star, 40 Gallon replacement.


OK Sign me up!  But how?  All we need is your name and phone number, we will contact you to arrange the replacement.
You can email or call us (Contact Us page)